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The Order of The Teutonic Knights of St.
Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem - 1190-2017
The German Order of The Teutonic Knights of Christ in Jerusalem
Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem
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Email: kontakt@deutscherorden.com


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Membership of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Orden

The Teutonic Order of Saint Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem - Deutscher Orden - would like to invite individuals of good standing to join as Marian Associate Knights of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Order, for details on how to became an Associate Knight of the Teutonic Order of Saint Marys Hospital In Jerusalem, please read the information below and email Bruderorden for details.     


 The Procedure for Petition of Membership of the
Teutonic Order of St Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem

Individuals may formally petition for a Rank of Knighthood within the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Order - German Order, but certain Ranks are reserved within the Teutonic Order, namely the Knights Grand Cross of the Teutonic Order and the Knights of the Honour of the Teutonic Order, whose member Knights are Roman Catholic by Faith and Tradition, together with the Protestant Knights of Honour of Brandenburg and Utrecht, the aforementioned Ranks of Knighthood are closed Ranks of the Order, only open to persons of German descent who are invited to join by the Hochmeister through personal invitation only, whereas certain persons may petition for the formal Rank of Associate Knight of the Teutonic Order within the Ranks of the Marian Knights of the Cross, Knights of the Cross and Knights of the Livonian Cross, therefore formal admission into the Chivalric arm of the Order as an Associate Knight of the Teutonic Order is open to persons who are of the Christian Faith only and who wish to collaborate in the chivalrous spirit and in the furtherance of the statutes of the Christian Faith and Our Lord Jesus Christ.    


 A candidate may apply for membership of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Orden by forwarding a Petition which should include documentation of their curriculum vitae, whereas a candidates possible eligibility for nomination as a Marian Associate Knight - Ritter of the German Brother Order - Deutscher Bruderorden, will be submitted to the Council of Induction of the Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order, who will then advise the candidate of the Orders decision concerning the candidates admission request thereon, all correspondence should be sent to Hochmeisters Private Office by emailing all enquires and requests to: kontakt@deutscherorden.com 


For further information concerning membership of the Order - please contact
the Private Office of the Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order - Deutscher Orden
 by emailing your questions to : kontakt@deutscherorden.com